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The Healing Art of Tarot

Tarot is a wonderful divination tool for receiving Universal guidance. Many people feel that it is an end all be all, but it is so much more than that. The guidance received is an outline or overview of the matter at hand or the purpose involved. It highlights hopeful end results and the steps to get there. 

Vicky has been trained by Jeanne Mayell in using the Thoth Tarot Deck by Aleister Crowley and hand-painted by Lady Frieda Harris.  Vicky also channels Universal knowledge by using multiple other Tarot decks, including but not limited to Faery and Angel Decks by Doreen Virtue.

Through the art of Tarot, she has brought her clients wisdom and guidance for almost a decade.  

Tarot Readings with Angel Tree Healing Arts

In-Person Bookings:

Connect with your loved one within the privacy and convenience of your own home, or come to Framingham, Massachusetts to meet at the Angel Tree Healing Arts centre.  Sessions last a full hour.

Long Distance Bookings:

If you are unable to meet with Vicky in person, Angel Tree Healing Arts is happy to relay messages from your loved ones through either phone or Skype. Sessions last a full hour.

Group Bookings:

At Angel Tree Healing Arts, we are dedicated to bringing messages not only to you but for intimate groups up to 4 people.  These group sessions are perfect for those who hope to share their spiritual healing within their close-nit circle of friends or families. Group bookings can take place at either your home or at the Angel Tree Healing Arts centre.  Session lengths will vary depending on the size of the group, not to exceed 3 hours.

~For group bookings of 4 people or less, please fill out the contact form so that we can meet your specific requests. (Add your preferred date, number of guests and desired location).

Party Bookings:

Tarot readings can be a perfect gift for brides, birthdays or celebratory get togethers among friends or family. For parties of more than 5 people, please use the contact form to get specialized party rates and to set up a special event to suit your particular needs.

"Vicky is a wonderful human being! She's a healer, a teacher, an advocate for humanity, and most importantly she's a friend.  She will not hesitate to help in whatever way she can.  She is always there to listen and advise.  I was fortunate to have crossed paths with Vicky four years ago when we were classmates at the Boston School of Herbal Studies.  From then on, she has been a great friend and an awesome teacher! Whenever I need spiritual guidance, she is there to help.  She articulates well what she sees in the Tarot cards and always offers the best advice with the highest interest for her client.  Tarot card reading may not be for everyone out there, but for those who seek spiritual guidance, rest assured Vicky is there to help as a mentor, a friend.  All in all, I highly recommend Vicky for her service to whomever needs help."

~ Donny L.

Discover Inspirational Guidance through Tarot

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