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Have you wondered what happens in the afterlife? Have you ever missed a loved one so desperately that you wished to have some form of contact with them? Vicky practices her spiritual gift of mediumship by communicating with departed loves one with the help of her Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones.

Almost a decade ago, Vicky lost the love of her life, which started her on a quest to connect with her deceased husband, Louie. What began as merely a hope and a prayer tangibly cemented when Vicky realized something extraordinary - not only could Vicky hear the echoes of her beloved husband, but also the messages needed to be given to those around her, including members of the four-legged variety.

Through deep meditation, going inward for the truth and honing her skills under the guidance of James Van Praagh and Maria Halverson, Vicky no longer doubts if the voices she hears are mere echoes. Those echoes are souls who have crossed over, seeking to give their loved ones a message from beyond the veil.

Mediumship with Angel Tree Healing Arts

In-Person Bookings:

Connect with your loved one within the privacy and convenience of your own home, or come to Framingham, Massachusetts to meet at the Angel Tree Healing Arts centre.  Sessions last a full hour.

Long Distance Bookings:

If you are unable to meet with Vicky in person, Angel Tree Healing Arts is happy to relay messages from your loved ones through either phone or Skype. Sessions last a full hour.

Group Bookings:

At Angel Tree Healing Arts, we are dedicated to bringing messages not only to you but for intimate groups up to 4 people.  These group sessions are perfect for those who hope to share their spiritual healing within their close-nit circle of friends or families. Group bookings can take place at either your home or at the Angel Tree Healing Arts centre.  Session lengths will vary depending on the size of the group, not to exceed 3 hours.

~For group bookings, please fill out the contact form so that we can meet your specific requests. (Add your preferred date, number of guests and desired location).

"Vicky brought comforting messages to me from my mom, dad and brother-in-law.  Each message was confirmation that my loved ones were communicating with me as they brought up memories of my childhood as well as present activities that had attended in spirit. I found her messages peaceful and very soothing. Vicky is amazing and I can't wait to have another session with her!

~ Donna L.

"'Hi, I know you're busy at work, but do you have a minute? There's someone here who wants to speak with you.' This is the kind of call you get if one of your dearest friends is a medium. Vicky is an amazing herbalist, tarot reader, Reiki healer and medium. She truly has an amazing gift and I feel blessed that she's shared it with me. The messages she had for me from my grandparents were funny, loving, and brought me comfort at a time of deep grief. She is the real deal."

~ Patrice G.

Ready to Connect with your Loves Ones? 

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