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Energy Clearing

Did you know that homes, offices, and even businesses hold onto energy? It might surprise you but they do! 

Homes may not sell, customers may not come in, love may not blossom because of the energy that is retained within. 

With an Energy Clearing, Vicky will do an overall assessment of your space starting with honoring the land before moving onto all the rooms and floors of your structure. 

Working hand in hand with the Spirit of your home/business, Vicky will release what is no longer needed, give detailed notes on "to do" lists, in order to shift the energy, followed by opening up to receive only love and the highest intentions for both you and your home or office.

Sessions take approximately two hours. 

Each session is always individualized to the particular space at hand; including a crystal grid, walk through with detailed list on how to make your space feel clear, open, grounded and loved.

Energy Clearing with Angel Tree Healing Arts

In-Person Bookings:

Ready to clear the unwanted Energy from your space? Angel Tree Healing Arts is now offering Energy Clearing visitations to your home, business/office or any space that you feel requires attention. 

Energy Clearings are only conducted in person and at the desired location. Sessions last an approximate two hours. 

Ready to Clear your Space?

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