Envision this: it's mid-afternoon and you still have hours to go before clocking out or maybe you have a project to finish or a test to take in the morning...problem is, the night is too long and concentration is nowhere to be found. 


Focus Blend is specifically made to help in finding our clarity and focus in order to finish off the task at hand. 


With seven essential oils blended in Apricot Kernel oil, our Focus Blend is packed full of sunshine and vigor with the addition of Sodalite and Clear Quartz. 


Sodalite calms us in order to attain inner peace, promotes logical thinking and improves communication.

Clear quartz is considered the master of all healing crystals for its ability in helping us find clarity and focus. 


Essential oils 

Peppermint, rosemary, elemi, patchouli, vetiver, mandarin, ylang ylang


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