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Created with the highest of intentions, each blend within Heavenly Soul Essences resonates with a particular Chakra. Intended to attune your Chakras, these various blends incorporate specific essential oils, crystals, herbs, and flowers. These essential oil blends can be used during meditation, prior to sleep or any time you want to focus on the particular Chakra and its intentions.    


Our Heart Chakra (Anahata) is located in the center of our sternum and is associated with love and compassion. It is the fourth of our basic Charkras and therefore it is the bridge between our physical and spiritual selves. The Heart Chakra's element is air, which holds our ability to love ourselves and others unconditionally with compassion and empathy and at same time feel connected and harmonious to love and beauty around us.


The crystals in our Compassion essential oil blend are Rose Quartz and Peridot. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It comforts grief while working as an emotional healer, and encourages self-love. Peridot is a powerful cleanser and auric protective stone. It helps us look to our higher selves for guidance. It is also a helpful visionary stone when seeking our destiny and spiritual purpose. 


Pink Rose and Lavender petals are our chosen flowers in Compassion. Pink Rose brings unconditional love and acceptance. Lavender flowers help to bring balance between our higher and physical selves.


Compassion is intended to offer a symphony of a deep, rich harmony of heart-opening, nourishing, and balancing oils. 


Apricot kernel oil carries bergamot, cypress, ylang ylang, juniper, rose and grapefruit in this 10ml essential oil blend.


  • Our Compassion essential oil blend is best used for meditation, before bedtime or anytime you are feeling ungrounded. Because of the sacredness of essential oils and the amount of plant material it takes to make just one drop, a little of our blends goes a very long way. All the essential oils are pure and selected from reputable sources to honor the plants that they were made from. 

    Our Compassion essential oil blend is organic, vegan, and gluten free. Apricot kernel oil is used as the carrier due to it being so closely related to the human skin. Each essential oil comes in a 10ml roll on bottle, and should be for external use only.

    Please keep all essential oil blends out of direct sunlight. 

    Not to be used for medical purposes or to be used instead of seeking the advise of a medical practitioner.

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